I am attempting to figure out where I will keep most of my updates. Right now I have been working on a small site that I was keeping updates on, but I am thinking that the type of updates I am creating will be more appropriate for this site. I would then leave the other site as a way to create an interactive resume, though the updates I have made on that site will be archived and placed into it’s own page, linked to here at the appropriate time. Currently, though, you can check out my most recent update on that page.

Personal Site Moved

Well, I have moved my personal site. I have updated my Twitter profile with the change, sending a note here, and going to be hitting up the other social networks. I am needing to find a way to keep all of this together. Maybe create a web-app that will help me. Yup, I am learning how to do that now (though obviously I have not done it here yet). Well, the new site is located at http://ryanmarinoff.t15.org/

Just a start

I have created this WordPress blog and done nothing with it. I have actually been working more on my personal web-site that I have been designing as a blog right now. I may start using this WordPress blog, but I am not sure yet. For now, the rare updates to the blog can be seen here: http://ryanmarinoff.netai.net/

This site has been created from scratch, without the use of assistance like this WordPress blog is. I am placing the HTML code, the CSS styles, and when I get to the point, the JavaScript functionality. I am using Bootstrap 3.3.0, which makes some things easier to do as an overall framework, or web-site api, but that is all the external stuff I am using as of right now. It is pretty fun. If you are interested, check it out (you can’t subscribe to it or easily comment and such, so I may add a post here every time I update there).