End of Week report

I have been recently working on a project for the company, a proof-of-concept type project to test my capabilities after finishing their bootcamp. I am loosing my confidence in the retention of the knowledge that has been fed to me. This does not mean I am loosing focus, or determination. Just my confidence in taking what they have shown me and apply it solo.

Basic structure of the project. Have a relational database for the data store. The database and data I will create depending on the guidelines given by the project paper. A simple storage of user data, manager and employee roles, with data representing a simple reimbursement functionality. This part is a breeze. I am very comfortable with the skills needed for this.

To communicate with this database, I need to create a Spring application, ensure that I use Hibernate and create REST endpoints to communicate with the web-based front-end. I thought I had this handled. Creating the beans, repositories, and services etc. I have ran into several problems along the way, causing a restructure in the database at least once to accommodate the attempts at a solution. I tackled the simple login functionality first, and I have ran into a dead end. I am currently unsure what to do next other than scrapping the project and starting fresh again.

Using the examples provided, I have attempted to manipulate the information to suit my individual need. An error has finally came that I have no idea how to work around at this time. Having to do with a null session. What perplexes me is before the restructure of the database, I was not having this issue until I fail at login. Now I have it no matter what. The database is being accessed properly, I see within the logs the data that was accurately pulled from the database.

I haven’t even started on the front end due to the issue I have ran into. The great thing about how I am doing this, once I have a whole working login application working, I will be able to quickly add all other functionalities. This is because I am doing a full stack development of the single user story, then I will just recreate my steps for all other parts of the application. It is a wonderful process that I am very comfortable in performing.

So to finish the stack, I will be using an Angular front-end. I am very confident in working in Angular, and going to continue expand my knowledge of the framework. I am probably going to be using Bootstrap for the styling of the page instead of material, but I have not arrived to a decision.

I will not totally scrap this project and start anew, but I will create a new project off a different method that I have found. If I can quickly get a working example, I might migrate my project to this new method and then quickly iterate upon it to create the full application. This may remove any bugs or settings that I have missed and unable to figure out. Luck to me, and I will deliver future updates.

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I have completed college for Video Game Design and Development with a secondary degree for Mobile Application Development. I have been working with a company as a full-stack Java application digital solutions provider.

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