A Change of Plans [again]

The beauty of working in the software development industry is that there may be changes in what you are planning to do, and you must be prepared to take this on. Especially when working in an agile environment where a long-term goal is simply the viability of a product (vs the planned destiny of the project).

Status new Project

I have been assigned by the the company a new project. It is more or less a proof of concept deal than something that will be put into production. Due to the intern nature of my position, they wish to gain a greater understanding of my capabilities. This is good, I want the more practice, this time with consequences.

So, what is it? A reimbursement system. Simple employee / manager user roles, authentication and a database. Employee makes a request for reimbursement, manager can approve or deny.

A number of technologies are required, including the Spring framework, Hibernate, a relational database and a web-based front-end. I will be using Spring Boot as an overall driver of the backed, Angular for the front end, and the Oracle Database technologies. Angular will be up to date, Spring will be built on Java 8, and the database will be simulated by using Oracle Express Edition 11g installed locally.

If I am able to get a working product by the weekend, I will work on adding some additional goals that the initial document suggested, and a few ideas of my own. The focus of the blog will be upon this project until it’s completion. Studies will be focused on gaining answers to the issues that arrive (before asking around). I will continue with the previous work after this project is completed.

This will increase the frequency of these posts once again. Starting with the next posting (possibility tonight) I will work towards showing my process in this development cycle, just throw out ideas, and highlight the difficulties I have experienced during the process (and how I overcame them).

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I have completed college for Video Game Design and Development with a secondary degree for Mobile Application Development. I have been working with a company as a full-stack Java application digital solutions provider.

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