Sprint 2 Week 1 – End of Week Report

This week production on the product has came to a stand still. A potential new direction has arrived, which would require re-training. With this, I shall get my mind back in track for training. I have signed up for a Udemy course in Angular and have started going through that. This way I will not only have my thought processes back to being trained, but also gain a stronger insight on Angular. So far I have learned only one minor trick with angular, but then I have only just started this program.

As far as the progress of the application goes (remember, from this point, most of the progress shall be minimal until either I have this new assignment, or I have completed this Angular course), I have started research on how to connect the MongoDB Atlas to the Spring Boot project. I added functionality within the backend to allow for the communication with the Mail Service Database. I added functionality within the frontend to allow for communication with the backend through a restful API.

I then decided to just refactor the Mail Service and Mail Database Service. They are going to be combined into a single Mail Service with the code hosted on the encripted Keybase GIT. This was done due to my understanding of Spring Boot and how the communication between services are structured. I found that it will be easier to just keep with industry standards, allowing the Discovery service handle communications between services. This removed the requirement placed upon the project to keep the two services separated. The database is going to communicate with the Discovery Service, so might as well keep the Mail Service with its database. I will re-post the finished code on a public repo after the completion of the project.

I wanted to implement a new technology found while researching the MangoDB solution, Lombok. It appears to be so much easier to setup the beans using Lombok. Then I found that I had to change the directory structure of the project to be able to utilize Lombok, taking it out of the understood industry standards. I have decided to pull Lombok back out of the project to avoid any further issues.

In an attempt to reduce the complexity of the project, I have redone the Angular front-end. At this moment, there is no front-end formed. Due to starting the new Angular training session, I have decided to hold off on new implementations, using some of the techniques I will learn, combine with what I have already been instructed, and then relaunch the new front-end after the completion of the training sessions.

Due to the new cadence of the project, I will skip Monday’s blog posting and just have a mid-week touch-up and a end-of-week report. I will still consider next week the end of sprint and create another PowerPoint presentation at the start of Sprint 3 (which will most likely consist of a training sprint). If this is so, then I will have just an end-of-week reports for that sprint.

Till Wednesday next week!

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I have completed college for Video Game Design and Development with a secondary degree for Mobile Application Development. I have been working with a company as a full-stack Java application digital solutions provider.

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