Sprint 2 – Week 1 – Start

Note: I am still working out the format for these posts. I am working under an agile scrum process, so iterations to how I deliver this information may, and will, change slightly.

Each week I will start off with what have lead up to the start of the week, and delve into the day’s agenda. The first half of the first day of a new sprint is dedicated to the creation of the presentation about the previous sprint.

Last sprint was a mix bag of success and lack of success. The first week was much slower than expected, with much of the work done thrown out and redone. By the second week, things became organized and a firm standing for the project has been established. The previous post contains all the details of this process. In the end, there was much success.

Earlier today the presentation slideshow was developed, with a few notes that was not within the sides themselves. Upon writing this post a download of images is occurring that would be used within the slideshow. The goal was to get the presentation completed by lunch, which I believe was 90% successful.

Later on today and into tomorrow I will be working on getting the microservices communicating between each other, and then getting the front end communicating with the back end. If this runs smoothly (which I expect it to do so), the business logic would start to be implemented.

Wednesday will be the mid-week stand-up. Until then, here is the presentation. Note that it is a live document, so it will change over time (until the end of today).

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I have completed college for Video Game Design and Development with a secondary degree for Mobile Application Development. I have been working with a company as a full-stack Java application digital solutions provider.

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