New Projects!!! [again]

I have stated a few times that I will be working on new projects. There are many factors that determine what project I would be working on and when. My most recent idea was to work on a robot and the AI associated with it. If nothing more than for my passion and pleasure of AI development and research. It did require an investment of funds that I never received. This is okay. I have other projects that I will be working on.

I work in a retail store. My primary duty is to upload new product to the store’s website and to determine what is wrong when issues arise within the site functionality and usability. I have been doing a good job at improving the product catalog and to find errors within the inventory. Secondary objective of the job is to find ways to improve our web presence. Most of this task has been pushed off to a co-worker who has a better sense of style and fashion. Currently, new product has not been arriving and most issues with the site has been resolved. So I have decided to create an application that will assist with automating many aspects of my primary task. I have very little experience with programming beyond what I have learned within the classroom. So this development will require learning new skills. This is good. I wish to learn more.

This new self-driven education has pushed me to seek out new ways to organize code. I have found that the MVVM pattern is what I want to employ. I have attempted to work through a number of tutorials. I have learned a lot about the basic concepts behind MVVM and how to implement the suggestions into the application that I am wishing to develop. I have also found that there has been new developments with the different programming languages and libraries. I have decided to use C# as the language for business applications. I know quite a bit of C++ due to the Video Game Design and Development course and was introduction to Java, Objective C, and C#/XAML via Mobile Application Development. Out of what I have learned, C# and Windows Forms would make development of a business application work well. Windows Forms is a bit out-dated or just not preferred over another library, WPF. Well, I would use Universal Apps, but work uses Windows 7, so WPF is where I shall go.

C# WPF lead to MVVM, which lead to Prism. Prism was developed by Microsoft, but has been transferred to the community to develop and support. Many aspects of programming tools, libraries, and methodologies have been pushed to crowd sourcing and a shared development experience within the Microsoft culture. I believe this is a great thing! I have enjoyed following the new Microsoft! I even opted to using a Windows phone over Android to show my support. This has lead to me enjoying the Windows phone experience with Windows 10. I also enjoy Visual Studio, and now using the newest Visual Studio 2017 rc. The rc is ‘release candidate’.

So the current project I am working on will be hosted on GitHub. I want to make it public. As of the time of writing this post, I have not created the repository. My Visual Studio 2017 is updating. But I did create this little account: Keybase Profile. I found it as I was attempting to look up some information. I have created a new PGP key through them, so use that instead of any previous one you may know of.

Anyway, more on my work at another time. Great days ahead!!!

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I have completed college for Video Game Design and Development with a secondary degree for Mobile Application Development. I have been working with a company as a full-stack Java application digital solutions provider.

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