New approach (for now)

Here I am again, writing within WordPress and getting a blog setup. This time, with some education, I know a bit more about what I am doing, and will be using some of this within this blog.

First, little background. I have been working with a group, Digital Morphine Games, LLC.(DMG), as first a prospective Graphics Programmer, then as a Webmaster, and then as an Asset Editor Programmer. I was tasked to create the editors that will be used within the team to insert the 3D and 2D assets into the developing game engine; the game in question is Fall of Atom(FoA). The FoA website has a lot of my touch still within it, but has been taken over by the project lead so that he can place the content he wishes into it. I am no longer with that group though. Differences in opinion mostly, but all is good.

Now to what I am doing with WordPress. I have decided to place some of my thoughts, as a kind of journal, for this aspect onto a page within my blog (which I have not developed yet). I learned how to do this as WebMaster of FoA (though none of that was actually used within the live site). My current site, though, will stay sparse for now, due to the need to work on life and so forth.

Day by day I continue. A grind of family life, work life, and personal relation. I do what I can to keep a sense of sanity within a  world that has turned up side down on so many levels. I have strong desires to create my own game, or create modifications for an existing game, or just to create. I lack a level of ambition or inspiration to actually put things into motion. This is a struggle I hear many have. This struggle is not over, and I will overcome!

As a means of creating that inspiration, I have decided to do a few live-casts. I have done a few while working with the FoA project, and have done a little while gaming. This has not created anything exciting, and most of those videos are now gone, save for what is up on YouTube. I have done one last night even. Not sure what inspired me to open Minecraft, but I noticed that there was a new version. I have decided only to play the game while recording! Thus I have 3 hours worth of recorded silent live play. I have edited the recorded video to a version that is just shy of a half hour. It took 10 minutes for my computer to create the file. It has taken the internet nearly 3 hours to upload. I believe I found the software that I will use for a while now, HitFilm 4 Express. Very impressive set of tools that I found via multiple reviews. With this, I hope to gain a bit more inspiration that I am lacking right now.

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I have completed college for Video Game Design and Development with a secondary degree for Mobile Application Development. I have been working with a company as a full-stack Java application digital solutions provider.

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