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Yes, I have not been utilizing this site as I should, and I have finally decided to ditch my previous idea of creating my own site and utilizing this services to create the journal of life, work, and fun. I will be splitting the site into multiple sites, where this one will be dedicated to being the hub between at least three different blogs. I will continue to add posts here, when I feel it is appropriate for all aspects of my life, otherwise individual postings will be in the different separate sites. Once you find the main page of this blog to be the link hub between the 4 sites (this + three others), you will know I am ready (plus of course I will place a posting here).

This is a short and under informative posting, where future postings will contain more. I hope to get this fully operational by the end of 2015.

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I have completed college for Video Game Design and Development with a secondary degree for Mobile Application Development. I have been working with a company as a full-stack Java application digital solutions provider.

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