Just a start

I have created this WordPress blog and done nothing with it. I have actually been working more on my personal web-site that I have been designing as a blog right now. I may start using this WordPress blog, but I am not sure yet. For now, the rare updates to the blog can be seen here: http://ryanmarinoff.netai.net/

This site has been created from scratch, without the use of assistance like this WordPress blog is. I am placing the HTML code, the CSS styles, and when I get to the point, the JavaScript functionality. I am using Bootstrap 3.3.0, which makes some things easier to do as an overall framework, or web-site api, but that is all the external stuff I am using as of right now. It is pretty fun. If you are interested, check it out (you can’t subscribe to it or easily comment and such, so I may add a post here every time I update there).

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I have completed college for Video Game Design and Development with a secondary degree for Mobile Application Development. I have been working with a company as a full-stack Java application digital solutions provider.

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